Scar Healing Workshop for C-Section Mamas

Points covered in the video course are:

  • Why scar work is CRITICAL if a woman desires a VBAC
  • How scar work increases the chances of a successful VBAC
  • How this work supports women’s health, even if they are not planning to VBAC or have more children
  • How scar reduction work supports abdominal health over all
  • How scar work can help a sense of reclaiming your own body.
  • Learn the step by step process for scar reduction
  • Learn the tools that will reduce your scars
  • Learn that you are your own best healer.

Bonuses: Videos that show scar reduction in other circumstances, ex burns, chest surgery, after a fracture or joint replacement.

I really believe that women are under-educated about this topic, and in my opinion it’s a set up. Rampant scars and adhesions can absolutely sabotage subsequent pregnancies and a woman’s health.

And I also absolutely believe that scar healing is not that hard, and certainly something that each woman can certainly do to herself.

I believe in you!



Let’s not make this a time waster. I want to make sure that you get what you are here for, and that I’m straight up and direct about the skills I’m fixin to skool you in.

Why Surgical Birth (C Section) Bellies Need Massage

Howdy Love.

So here’s the deal, some people are relatively unaffected by their surgical birth, and other people are freaking wrecked. No matter where you are on that spectrum, this free mini course is designed to help your belly heal, with an opportunity to begin the emotional healing if that applies to you.

You will learn:

  •  beginning belly healing steps
  • what random stuff you have around your house to start where you are
  • resources for going further should your require more support.

You are your own best healer, and I’m going to do my best to show you how,

Ready, Set, Heal.




Lesson 1: How to Heal your Scars, First Steps.

Y’all, I recorded this as a webinar originally to support all the folks who wanted abdominal health post surgical birth. I was just getting emotionally trashed for all these folks who wanted a vaginal birth so badly, but had not done any belly healing. At all. And then they weren’t getting the birth they wanted. Bummer. So let’s change that. Seriously.

  1. You gotta touch the scar to heal it.
  2. It may be emotional, really stirring stuff up, be brave and do it anyway.
  3. This is still important work to do, even if you don’t want a VBAC. Your abdominal health is important.
  4. I mention a course on this video, which I am actually in the process of moving onto this Labor Whispering website, I’m updating the lessons with a couple of cool , new techniques and tips I’ve learned., and will be  $77. You can find it under “courses.”
  5. If you have a question for me post a comment or use the “message the teacher” button!







So you watched the video, and are thinking about touching your scar, yay!

I pretty much source all my healing art supplies from either Mountain Rose Herbs or Young Living Essential Oils.

If you know something about essential oils and have a different company you love, go for it.

If not then, use some basic olive or coconut oil, and just gently start your work.

Student Question: When can I start this work?


When the incision is healed, so 6 weeks ought to cover ya. It needs to be infection free, completely closed up, no big redness or hot to the touch.

If its before before six weeks then just gently lay hands over incision, relax, and process any emotions that come up.

I believe in you!


How To Make a Castor Oil Pack at Home

Simple steps to apply a castor oil pack for self healing, including a mini-demo on skin brushing!

Reasons that you wouldn’t want to do a castor oil pack are:

That you have an IUD,

That you are pregnant,

That you have some sort of medical device near where you are putting the castor oil, like a pace maker, or screws  or pins in a bone, or port for iv access.

Also if you have a tattoo in that are, unless of course you are wanting to fade that ink. Then a small daily application will knock it out in a year. It’s slow going, but it will fade the tattoo, cheaply.

In this video I use:

  1. high quality castor oil
  2. flannel
  3. water bottle
  4. random plastic/saran wrap
  5. a towel

Castor oil I recommend buying from your local Sprouts or Whole Foods, and if you live in the middle of nowhere (Hi Marfa!) then order from these peeps, Mountain Rose Herbs, mk?

For dry brushing grab off amazon, or grow your own loofah. Seriously, thats a blast.