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Scar Healing Workshop for C-Section Mamas

Points covered in the video course are: Why scar work is CRITICAL if a woman desires a VBAC How scar work increases the chances of a successful VBAC How this work supports women’s health, even if they are not planning to VBAC or have more children How scar reduction work supports abdominal health over all […]

Why Surgical Birth (C Section) Bellies Need Massage

Howdy Love. So here’s the deal, some people are relatively unaffected by their surgical birth, and other people are freaking wrecked. No matter where you are on that spectrum, this free mini course is designed to help your belly heal, with an opportunity to begin the emotional healing if that applies to you. You will […]

How To Make a Castor Oil Pack at Home

Simple steps to apply a castor oil pack for self healing, including a mini-demo on skin brushing! Reasons that you wouldn’t want to do a castor oil pack are: That you have an IUD, That you are pregnant, That you have some sort of medical device near where you are putting the castor oil, like […]

Labor: Four Reasons Folks Don’t Go (Or Stay) Laboring

Actual conversation with a prenatal/labor massage client circa Dec 2008: me ~ Janis, would you like some water? Janis ~ I WOULD LIKE A BABY!!! Can you bring me THAT?!!!!!! There are four kinda general reasons that people don’t go into labor, The due date is crap ~Arbitrary, a guestimate. And people get MARRIED to that shiz. […]

Reason #3 Its Physical

Lets get Physical! Fetal Positioning~ Here is the deal, optimal fetal positioning is an actual physical thing, and not a bunch of horse hockey. (You like that? It’s cause I’m trying not to cuss.) Anywhoo, sitting, driving, computering etc all contribute to stiff and underutilized muscles, and in general keep our bodies not especially labor […]

Reason #2 It’s all in Your Head

  Reason #2 It’s all in Your Head* Welllllll heck, reason number two that labor doesn’t start is that there is an emotional or mental block that is keeping your baby from getting in synch with your natural “going into labor” rhythm. What’s that you say “I didn’t know that I could mind block my […]

Reason #1 The Due Date is Crap

Does anybody even know how due dates are come up with? (and I love how the mac keeps wanting to auto correct to DUDE DATE ahahahha) Lets Review: According to Wikipedia (and personal knowledge corroborates this) The rule estimates the expected date of delivery (EDD) by adding one year, subtracting three months, and adding seven […]


Over twenty years ago I became a massage therapist, and soon after that went to The Farm to train as a midwives’ assistant. In the space and time and bellies and pregnant peeps between then and now I learned the art of gently asking and coaxing a body to labor, especially when the labor wants to start […]

Birth Playlist Magic Explained

What happens when a so`so song gets covered by a funky little acoustic ish type band? You get this song here. Give a listen to the Mister Wives! Boom. Add it your birth playlists my people. Por why you ask? ‘Cause when the energy tanks in the birth room, having some songs that create an ambiance […]

How to Improve Your Odds for a Successful VBAC

Well poop. For whatever reason your previous birth ended up in a surgical birth, otherwise known as a C section. And that may or may not have sucked for you. Some people are wrecked, and some are like “Whateves, I’m good.”  For those of you taking it in stride, you gotta start massaging your scar, […]