Scar Healing Workshop for C-Section Mamas

Points covered in the video course are:

  • Why scar work is CRITICAL if a woman desires a VBAC
  • How scar work increases the chances of a successful VBAC
  • How this work supports women’s health, even if they are not planning to VBAC or have more children
  • How scar reduction work supports abdominal health over all
  • How scar work can help a sense of reclaiming your own body.
  • Learn the step by step process for scar reduction
  • Learn the tools that will reduce your scars
  • Learn that you are your own best healer.

Bonuses: Videos that show scar reduction in other circumstances, ex burns, chest surgery, after a fracture or joint replacement.

I really believe that women are under-educated about this topic, and in my opinion it’s a set up. Rampant scars and adhesions can absolutely sabotage subsequent pregnancies and a woman’s health.

And I also absolutely believe that scar healing is not that hard, and certainly something that each woman can certainly do to herself.

I believe in you!



Let’s not make this a time waster. I want to make sure that you get what you are here for, and that I’m straight up and direct about the skills I’m fixin to skool you in.

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