How To Make a Castor Oil Pack at Home

Simple steps to apply a castor oil pack for self healing, including a mini-demo on skin brushing!

Reasons that you wouldn’t want to do a castor oil pack are:

That you have an IUD,

That you are pregnant,

That you have some sort of medical device near where you are putting the castor oil, like a pace maker, or screws  or pins in a bone, or port for iv access.

Also if you have a tattoo in that are, unless of course you are wanting to fade that ink. Then a small daily application will knock it out in a year. It’s slow going, but it will fade the tattoo, cheaply.

In this video I use:

  1. high quality castor oil
  2. flannel
  3. water bottle
  4. random plastic/saran wrap
  5. a towel

Castor oil I recommend buying from your local Sprouts or Whole Foods, and if you live in the middle of nowhere (Hi Marfa!) then order from these peeps, Mountain Rose Herbs, mk?

For dry brushing grab off amazon, or grow your own loofah. Seriously, thats a blast.

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