Labor: Four Reasons Folks Don’t Go (Or Stay) Laboring

Actual conversation with a prenatal/labor massage client circa Dec 2008:

me ~ Janis, would you like some water? Janis ~ I WOULD LIKE A BABY!!! Can you bring me THAT?!!!!!!

Sure, she's all smiles now but you should of heard her.

Sure, she’s all smiles now but you should of heard her.

There are four kinda general reasons that people don’t go into labor,

  1. The due date is crap ~Arbitrary, a guestimate. And people get MARRIED to that shiz. Calm down people, its just a a shot in the dark. Every woman, every pregnancy, every weather pattern is different.
  2. Its all in your head ~  Something emotional/mental/energetically is slowing the roll.
  3. Let’s Get Physical! So maybe fetal malposition (due to a number of things), tight pelvic floor, broken and now stuck pointing inward  coccyx.
  4. We don’t actually know, but somethings up. ~And this is where we do everything we can to get a preggers person as ready as can be with the other three reasons, so that if you need a little help from our (medical) friends, that you’ve cleared the way for any medical intervention needed to be as effective as possible. Collaborative not combative.

So it absolutely is worth your while to think about these categories, and see what sticks for ya. Each number links to a specific post about that topic, so give a click to the one that speaks to you most. once you are there, poke around a little, see if you can get a little dialogue going with your labor to see what it needs. Good luck my love, Rowan not sure? leave me a comment and or jump over to our FB group. 

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